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We use a variety of high-tech instruments to help us provide you with the best care possible. Some of this technology includes:


Digital X-Rays
Digital X-Rays help us provide a higher quality of care because it reduces your exposure to radiation by 75% or more. The images can be enhanced to improve the ability to detect disease and its current state. Also, there is Improved clarity over traditional x-rays, bringing out fractures and imperfections that might be missed on conventional film x-rays. Images can be stored with our digital patient files and are easily shared with other doctors when the need arises.


Biolase Laser
Incorporating the laser into our practice has allowed me, as a primary care dentist, to refer fewer procedures to specialists. Lasers are ideal to treat periodontal disease and to perform many procedures on soft and hard tissue with less bleeding, less discomfort, and better results – in some cases with out anesthesia.


Spectra Caries Detector
The Spectra is the only caries detection aid that works like a Doppler radar to discover caries before they become a big problem. It uses fluorescence to detect caries in fissures and smooth surfaces that may go unnoticed in x-ray images or clinical exams. After capturing the image by holding a pen-like hand piece over the tooth, a picture appears on the computer screen showing the condition of the tooth.


Lighthouse 360
We use an automated, comprehensive patient communications system called Lighthouse 360. This system can reach you with emails, text messages, automated phone calls and for our technologically challenged patients, postcards and letters. Lighthouse 360 reminds you when you need an appointment, confirms existing appointments, and also asks you to post an online review about your appointment when it is over. We know people get busy and can easily forget an appointment, but with Lighthouse 360 doing its job, patient satisfaction goes up and broken appointments go down.