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February 17 , 2015


Sometimes, a tooth just can't be saved because its badly cracked, broken, out-of-control tooth decay, knocked out or just plain missing — what can you do? Well, there is no need to go around with a hole in your smile.


Very often, the best choice to repair your smile is with an implant. An implant provides a structure for replacement teeth — usually a crown — that look, feel, and function like your own natural teeth.


The benefit of implants includes being able to eat just about any foods you want and they don't have the inconvenience and unsightly metal clasps of partial dentures.


We will be placing Osteoready implants in our office very soon. This system makes the treatment much quicker, less painful, and work well for patients who may not qualify for the traditional implants. Best of all, they're affordable!


Give us a call for more information and let's take care of that "whistle when you talk!"